Shipments List


Provides quick access to your shipments and their management.

Managing Shipments

After you create your first shipment you will be able to see its details in the shipments list and interact with it. The list provides a summary of each shipment’s information: Package ID, Customer, Tracker ID, Order Number, Shipment Info, etc.

The list provides two quick access commands:

  • Edit Order - use the "pen" icon to edit the shipment details.
  • Live Map - use the "globe" icon to open a live map displaying the shipment's route and current location. A more detailed map view may be accessed using the Edit Order option.

Filtering Shipments

A set of predefined filters is provided for this screen which allows the user to choose a subset of shipments to be displayed, one of:

  • All shipments - display all shipments
  • Planning - display only shipments in the ‘Planing’ state
  • Processing - display only shipments in the ‘Processing’ state
  • Delivered - display only shipments in the ‘Delivered’ state
  • My Shipments - display only shipments created by the current user

Note: As long as the shipment is in ‘Planning’ state it will not be accessible to users of the mobile applications. Changing a shipment’s status to ‘Processing’ will enable such users to start tracking the shipment.

Editing Shipments

Editing a shipment allows you to modify the shipment’s information in several ways, depending on the shipment’s status.

The most common type of update to the shipment’s actual route is simply to indicate that a specific leg has started or is over. This is done automatically by the platform in many cases but the platform allows the user to modify the exact departure and arrival times provided by the platform, or to provide them in case the platform is unable to determine them independently.