The Dashboard is the first screen you'll see after logging in. The Dashboard provides you with a summary of your current shipping activity.

Active Shipments

The dashboard provides you with an overview of the location and status of your active shipments, which are presented on a dynamic map. Shipments are aggregated based on their proximity - zooming in will show you all of the shipments in the same area. Selecting a single shipment allows you to go directly to that shipment’s full information.

The map also provides a summary of how many shipments are Active, Pending, and Delayed.

The icon for each shipment indicates how it is currently being transported (e.g., if it’s currently on an airplane, or a ship, or a truck).

Clicking on any of the status widgets will load the shipments list screen with the display filtered to present only shipments of the relevant status. The currently provided widgets are:

  • On a plane
  • On a truck
  • On a ship
  • In a seaport
  • In an airport
  • In a warehouse
  • Waiting for pickup
  • Delivered in the last 24 hours